Siân Davies

Senior Travel Consultant

I have been in travel for many years, most of which have been here at Worldchoice Travel in Shrewsbury. In the ever-changing climate of travel looking after my clients’ needs with a personal touch has never been more important to me and making sure everyone’s holiday ‘‘ticks all the boxes’’ is paramount whether booking a trip to Australia or Amsterdam.

Favourite destination

I have been to some fantastic countries including Australia, USA, Canada and South Africa to name a few, but one of my favourite holidays was to New York with a group of friends. The buzz & excitement of the ‘Big Apple’ was almost tangible and along with the iconic sights of the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Central Park this remains one of my most favourite places and I would visit again in a heartbeat!

Most memorable destination

One of the most memorable places I have visited has to be in South Africa. On visiting the Kruger National Park I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my first wild elephant, it was an unexpectedly emotional experience with more wildlife encounters to follow. Being jostled about in an open-air jeep whilst tracking a Leopard and getting up before dawn for a sunrise safari and spotting a group of Lion cubs to name but a few.

Must-see destination

As an Australian Specialist visiting Sydney Harbour and the amazing Sydney Opera House is definitely one of my must-see destinations. As Sydney is often the international gateway to many spectacular and varied travel experiences within Australia it is the perfect start to your Antipodean adventure!

Top Travel Tip

Don’t forget to check which travel adaptor to take with you. These days everyone has so many devices that need constant charging!